About DHPhotography

Debra Harrip is an Australian independent documentary photographer/filmmaker based out of the Sunshine Coast.

Debra is an enthusiastic globetrotter who has dedicated herself to capturing unique moments in time that highlight the beauty of different cultures and perspectives.

Debra does not want to project her own understanding of a situation, but rather, her intention is to engage and listen to personal testimonies of individual journey’s and challenges.

Through Debra‚Äôs storytelling, her purpose – to frame authentic, honest images; to create a visual language that honours each individual. 

Debra’s professional skills include photography, filmmaking and creative writing. Debra is passionate about creating highly impactful and compelling documentary films that gives people a voice and platform – bringing humanity to the fore by raising awareness to social disparity. 

In addition to her documentary work, Debra photographs corporate events and community-based workshops and her stories have been published in Australian magazines.