Debra Harrip is an Australian independent photographer based out of the Sunshine Coast.

Debra is an enthusiastic globetrotter who is passionate  about documenting people and places: embracing, celebrating and reflecting the diversity of world cultures in a compelling and empathetic manner.

Debra believes the power of photography is the foremost way to raise awareness to highlight social injustice. Debra does not want to project her own understanding of a situation but rather, engages with people, listening to deeply personal stories about each individual’s journey and challenges. Debra has documented stories on a broad range of subject matter relating to health, education, disability, poverty and homelessness.

Debra’s intention with her visual storytelling is to frame images that are authentic and honest, breaking down cultural and language barriers with her compelling visual narratives.

In addition to documenting stories on social injustice, Debra photographs formal and informal events, functions and workshops which encompass moments of remembrance and contemplation.