Recently, I returned from attending a photography masterclass in George Town, Penang, a wonderful experience which provided me the opportunity to enhance my skills, extend my knowledge and fine tune my craft.

Georgetown is a colourful, vibrant destination that has a great deal to offer; it is friendly, safe, artistic and a food lover’s paradise.

Whilst attending this workshop, my primary focus was to meet and photograph people living on the streets. Despite George Town being a popular tourist destination, homelessness continues to remain an issue.

From my conversations with homeless people, it became apparent that, at times, these people have been encourage to live in shelters or care homes. Whilst the comfort of four walls may sound appealing, I found an overwhelming number of homeless people who value their freedom more than anything, choosing to live on the streets without boundaries.

Upon my reflection, I ask myself; do I believe homeless people to be featureless? Do they experience the same collective journey?

The answer is a simple no. Each person is unique, with an individual and fascinating story to tell. These dignified, wonderful people shared their stories with me, telling me about their hopes, dreams and as a collective, aspire for a safer, better future.